You will be scheduling an appointment with the audiologist if you are having problems with your hearing lately. Audiologists Charlotte clinical consultations do not require medical prescriptions from the MD, a general practitioner or, in particular, an ears, nose and throat specialist. You have this odd buzzing in your ears, or it feels as though all sound has been blocked out. It is up to you whether you wish to see the audiologist at this early stage.

Bear in mind that the audiologist’s physical inspection only goes so far at this point. She will be utilizing her own light-powered diagnostic device to see if she cannot determine what has been giving you your hearing problems at this stage. It could be that she has come to the wax of the problem. Your ears are blocked with wax. It is not a bad thing but yes, there are those times when wax buildup becomes so heavy that the wax simply has to be removed.

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This could be done by the audiologist’s unit, although it must be said that not all clinics will be offering this service. A nursing sister can handle this waxing job for you. It is still ideal that, should your suspected hearing loss feel quite severe and prolonged, you first consult with your doctor and specialist. It is far better to have a full confirmation. The audiologist takes matters further under the doctor’s recommendation by conducting an extensive hearing test. This test is required to determine what type of hearing aid you need to be equipped with.

These days, it is going to be digital, but for those who have an extremely bad loss of hearing, so much so that it borders on deafness, an analog aid still makes sense.